Advances in Biomedical Engineering Today...
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The Department of Biomedical Engineering is at the forefront of one of the most rewarding areas of engineering, applying the principles and methods of engineering to medicine, engaging in research and teaching. Our research and teaching are second to none; the advances we make today will be seen in medicine tomorrow. 

So if you want to improve healthcare, become a part of our team.





Department and Faculty Events


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  1. Neuroscience Rounds

    8:00 am- Case 1- Dr. Anas Alrohimi 8:30 am - Case 2- Dr. Wasim Khan 9:00 "Scared Stiff: The Story of the Wooden Man and His Cousins " Dr. Dustin Anderson-R3 & Dr. Cecile Phan Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine University of Alberta There will be a short program at 9:00 AM to present the Dr. Michael Koilpillai Book Award and Memorial Prize in Neurology

  2. Medicine Grand Rounds

    "Fecal microbial transplantation: Beyond C. difficile colitis treatment" Braden Millan Medical Student - Translational Medicine Award Recipient

  3. Adult Rehab Grand Rounds

    "Advances in Peripheral Nerve Regeneration Research: from Bench to Bedside" Jennifer Assh, PMR Resident Jenna Senger, MSc Candidate (A patient with brachial plexus injury will also be at presentation) Learning Objectives: To discuss major barriers in peripheral nerve regeneration. To describe new approaches in peripheral nerve repair. To describe current research to enhance peripheral nerve regeneration. Location: Conference Room A - Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

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