Advances in Biomedical Engineering Today...
Better Healthcare Tomorrow

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is at the forefront of one of the most rewarding areas of engineering, applying the principles and methods of engineering to medicine, engaging in research and teaching. Our research and teaching are second to none; the advances we make today will be seen in medicine tomorrow. 

So if you want to improve healthcare, become a part of our team.





Department and Faculty Events


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  1. RAH - Medical Grand Rounds

    "RAH Reality Show!" Rith Chea - MD, FRCPC, Internal Medicine – RAH & Medicine Students - UGME Yr 3 – U of A LOCATION: RAH - Robbins Learning Centre Theatre

  2. RAH - Cardiology Rounds

    "Addressing the World’s Greatest Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease! Opportunities for the Alex and International Health Partnerships" Dr. Nazneem Wahab Location: RAH Robbins Learning Centre Auditorium

  3. Medicine Grand Rounds

    "What Internists Can Learn From Hidradenitis Suppurativa" Dr. William Danby

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