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The Department of Biomedical Engineering is at the forefront of one of the most rewarding areas of engineering, applying the principles and methods of engineering to medicine, engaging in research and teaching. Our research and teaching are second to none; the advances we make today will be seen in medicine tomorrow. 

So if you want to improve healthcare, become a part of our team.





Department and Faculty Events


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  1. The 3rd Annual Dr. Peter McCracken Memorial Lecture in Geriatric Medicine

    "Rapid Geriatric Assessment" John E. Morley, M.B., B.,Ch. John E. Morley, MB, BCh, is the Dammert Professor of Gerontology and Director of the Division of Geriatric at Saint Louis University Medical Center. He also serves as Medical Director for two nursing homes. Dr Morley earned a medical degree at the University of Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, South Africa. After an internal medicine residency in Johannesburg, he completed a fellowship in endocrinology at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has edited more than 20 books, and published more than 1300 papers, with major research emphases on the role of neuropeptides in the modulation of hormonal responses and behavior and on nutrition, geriatric assessments, diabetes and hormones in the elderly. He serves as Editor of Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. Presentation Objectives: 1. To increase awareness of geriatric syndromes in elderly people. 2. To provide a simple management approach to geriatric syndromes. 3. To increase awareness of the need for advanced directives.

  2. RAH - Medical Grand Rounds

    "Type 2 Diabetes Glucose Management, an Office Based Approach" Errol Raff, MD ChB, FRCPC, GIM Internist – RAH LOCATION: - RAH – RLC Theatre

  3. Distinguished Visitor Series/Cardiology Divisional Rounds

    "Making good on the promise of the EHR for research: Experience from a national clinical research network (PCORnet)" Lesley H. Curtis, PhD Professor of Medicine Director, Center for Population Health Sciences, Duke University School of Medicine Director, Center for Pragmatic Health Systems Research, Duke Clinical Research Institute

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